Orphan Records
24 Track Digital - Analog - Tube

Orphan Records is located in the loft of Michael Swart's classic downtown 30s Mill House garage. This is a full featured 24 track studio, loaded with vintage and modern tube amplifiers, an assortment of guitar options, full keyboards, and three sets of skins. Swart is not afraid to experiment and has been known to try unique solutions over the traditional approach.

Michael Swart's latest project - The Jackson Hives "Cafe Racer"Orphan is quite possibly one of the only studios in the area that utilizes tube gear during mixing/ monitoring, this via a reworked EICO HF-81 triode front end, EL-84 Williamson amp. Orphan is also under the "Less is More" recording philosophy - Overly processed, studio poached recordings can often yield sonic oatmeal. And where else can you run downstairs and hop on a BSA Royal Star and vintage VESPA for a 2am blast?

Orphan has reasonable hourly/session rates and welcomes new projects, schedule permitting.


Port Huron Statement (Mastered by Chris Stamey)
Rev. Jackson and the Jacksonaires
Summer Set
4 Amp Fuse
Automatic Overdrive
Jackson Hives
The Hatchers
Voodoo Squid
The Flannel Agents


2 SilverTones
Gretch Syncromatic
Fender Strat
Fender Tele
Vintage Framus Hollow Body
Ibanez Talman
Fender Acoustic
Yamaha Acoustic
Fender P Bass
Yamaha Bass


Roland Juno 60 Synth
Yamaha DX27 synth
Ace Tone organ
Hammond Organ M-111

Roland Digital Studio
EICO HF-81 full tube mixing amp
KEF Monitors
Roland Monitors
2 Shure SM57
Rode NT1 Condenser
Oktavia 319 Condenser
4 Swart Amp Co Omni Condensers
AKG 112
2 AKG c418 Drum condenser mic
Phone Mic

AMPS (multiples of some))

Swart Amp Co Space Tone 6V6se
Swart Atomic Space Tone (NOS Valves)
Swart AST Head
Swart SST-30s w/2x12 and 1x12 cab
Swart Space Tone Reverb
Ampeg 1964 Jet J12
Ampeg Reverberocket
Matchless DC-30 Copy
Matchless Spitfire Copy
Fender Twin
Supro - Swart Amp Co Refurbished
Peavy Bass amp
Fender Deluxe Copy


65 Ludwig 5 Piece w/ Zildjians
Vintage Rogers/Mercury Trap Set