MOD 84 Covering Ideas
Swart's First EL-84 Offering

Here are a few MOD84 cover ideas to choose from though feel free to come up with your own combination of tolex. Tweed is $100. Call or write your favorite Swart Dealer for options.                 Back to MOD84

 1 Vintage Red Stripe



 2 Carbon White Sparkle



 3 Alligator Ostrich Stripe



 4 Blue White Sparkle



 5 Western



 6 Carbon Gray Stripe




 7 Tweed Duo ($100)



MOD84 Specifications

  • All Tube circuit ~15w twin EL-84 High Class A Bias AB
  • Swart's first EL-84 amp ~ Push-Pull EL-84 Power!
  • Cathode "AUTO" Bias (no need to bias)
  • 12AX7(2) - 12DW7(1)- EL-84(2) - GZ34 or 5Y3(1)
  • Tube Rectification ~ GZ-34/5Y3 for compression/earlier breakup
  • Top Mounted Controls for Front/Back Access
  • 3-Way Interactive EQ Switch
  • Tube Reverb via 12DW7 with Spring Tank
  • Tube Tremolo with Custom Speed Sweep/Depth
  • Hi/Lo Inputs for better PU Output matching
  • Hand wired point to point ~ Made in USA
  • Standby Switch ~ Warm-up up extends tube life
  • Carbon Comp Resistors for BEST TONE
  • Teflon covered High Purity Copper Wire
  • Mallory, Sprague & JJ Caps, selected for Application
  • 8ohm Custom Wired Heavy Duty Output Transformer
  • Dedicated 2 button foot switch
  • Extra Large Rubber Feet for Vibration/Protection
  • Solid, finger-jointed Pine Cabinet ~ Vintage Inspired Coverings
  • 1x12 & 2x10 cab ~ Creamback/Gold/Blue/Options Available
  • Dimensions: 26 x 15.5 x 10.5   39lbs

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