Derrick Harris on the Swart AST

"'The Swart AST has a warmth and richness in the sound that it produces, that perfectly complements my hollowbody jazz guitars (a Sadowsky SS15 and a Gibson L5). When you spend that amount of money on a first-rate instrument, you should pair it with a first-rate amp, and the Swart is just that. It is quite simply the best, most musical, tube amp that I've ever played. Oh, and it still has that wonderful smell of pine and lacquer that it had when I first unpacked it!." - Derrick Harris

We love Jazz guitar at Swart.  And Derrick Harris simply has some great touch, feel, and tone, all immediately apparent after a few spins of Once More for Luck, a September 2010 release featuring The Derrick Harris Trio with Adrian Knowles (bass) and Ronnie Bottomley (drums). Harris came out of the Leeds College of Music, where he also taught for a number of years.  He has been playing jazz guitar all over the UK and abroad, leading his own groups, as featured soloist, as the guitarist with the Yorkshire Jazz Orchestra, and as part of the Ronnie Bottomley Jazz Orchestra, among others.  His playing has been featured frequently on radio and television.  Harris is now promoting his latest work, And Then Some, an album funded by Jazz Yorkshire featuring his writing and arranging for The Derrick Harris Septet with trumpet, sax, trombone, guitar, piano, bass, and drums.  Give him a listen below and check out derrickharris.net.

Derrick Harris

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